Monday, 10 February 2014

Wardrobe Cleanse

To say I've been out of it with the blogging is a huge understatement. Whilst I've been on the quiet side, it has had its advantages. I've read tonnes of books, I'm a good chunk of the way to catching up on the few programs that I like and I've managed to collect some new items for my wardrobe.

I think the most important and slightly more obvious change is my health. At my heaviest I was horrendously unhappy with my body and myself. Those of you who have read my stuff before know (or may remember) that I have a degenerative back condition and with all the extra weight, I was in constant agony. So I quit smoking and hauled myself to the gym. 
I needed to keep my work outs low impact to avoid injuring my back so I took the plunge (literally) and signed up to water aerobics....and holy moly, how much do I enjoy it! 
At first I was crazy nervous and really had to pluck up the courage to take my towel off and get in the pool but I'm glad I did. From being the newbie, to now being recognised as a regular I've built up my stamina and confidence. 

On top of two visits a week, I try and squeeze in a few low impact gym sessions which I go to with a friend. It defo helps having someone else there to pass the time else I clock watch. I also walk to and from work everyday (2miles).

So anyway, I've lost two stone so far and have built a great deal of muscle mass (more so in my legs). Feeling pretty good. The only downside was that after a holiday in Kefalonia with my Nan and Mum, I slipped back into smoking so I am back on trying to quit again.

The up side? I dropped two dress sizes so bring on the excuses to shop!! I added a few items to my ever growing wardrobe so now I'm going through all of my clothes and trying to wear each piece at least once over the next few months to justify keeping it. What better time to rejoin the blogging community and showcase my new outfits and how I'm putting a spin on my old ones.

First up is todays work outfit. I bought this dress from New Look just before Christmas in the sale. 

 I've tried to show the pattern and the sleeves. Its elasticated around the waist for me, but I assume its really supposed to be elasticated around the chest. I have no boobs so I have to adapt. 
I feel in love with the pattern straight away and paid about a tenner for it. I paired it with black leggings, my black boots and the trusty green cardy.

After buying it I wore it for a girls night out with the same boots, but a black cardigan.

Me and the 'Laura' Cocktail

Then again for Boxing Day with the family, but with my grey cardigan.

Me and my little sister.

I love this dress and probably wear it once a week. Not far off my knees, its a nice length and the material isn't overly thick making this a good one for summer as well. 

Dress - New Look
Leggings - Very (South)
Boots - Very
Black Cardigan - Hand-me-down
Grey Cardigan - New Look (old and sequins removed)
Green Cardigan - Very

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